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Support Your Healthy Family

Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.
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Support Your Healthy Family
Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.

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Drops of Perrydise - Young Living - My Journey has started!

My name is Angela Perry, I was born in S’toon, raised in Calgary and just moved to Saanich (a suburb of Victoria) in Dec of 2016.  I’m 38, married to my wonderful husband and partner in crime since 2004.  I am currently a Furmom to one 13 year old pooch.

In the Christmas season of 2009 I was diagnosed with a few Chronic Illnesses.  My life changed in one talk with the Gastro Surgeon on Call.  PAIN = INSOMNIA = STRESS.  A whirlwind of emotions and new processes and it felt like a million doctors to deal with.  
Almost exactly one year later, a diagnosis of terminal Lung Cancer was give to my MOM (who is still my hero).  She passed 8 months later, 3 days before her 53rd birthday.  My symptoms intensified tremendously.  My life was turned upside-down. Changed my job 3 times doing accounting, Fighting with family and friends, I most definitely did not love myself.  Fast forward 5 years, and I was put on Permanent Full-Time Sick Leave.  I was only 36.

Not only was I exhausted from the symptoms of these illnesses, or the medication side effects, or the endless waiting rooms and doctors appointments, but I was exhausted by the push and pull of speaking about being sick and trying to maintain that invisible line of sharing and oversharing with my Doctors. I often thought, “Why am I even talking about my illness with this person when I know they couldn’t care less?” It incites the loneliest feeling inside of you.  I shouldn’t have been afraid to discuss how I was feeling or the symptoms I was having for fear of being judged or misdiagnosed. I always feel as though I’m walking a fine line on how I should behave during a doctor’s appointment. Should I ask questions? Will they be irritated or think I’m a hypochondriac for asking too many questions? Should I try to smile or pretend to feel better than I do? If I wear make up will it give the illusion that I’m not as sick as I say that I am? It was a minefield. I was sooooo exhausted.

My Wonderful friend and lifesaver saw this, and how I was feeling inside and out, brought me her Personal Starter Kit.  Love you Janine.  She also saw that my pooch was suffering from lots of tumours and made me a tincture….WOW… and she is still here!!  I love doing Animal Workshops and teaching an alternative approach for our Furry Friends.  The realization of the benefits to MY animals was such a BONUS!!!

I didn’t start out in the business end right away due to being on Sick Leave, and it was about 6 months into using these amazing oils, and I had to go to my last Gastro appointment before moving and being transferred to a new doctors…again.  I saw him every 3 months and was usually sullen, grey faced, in pain, and usually in need of a serious procedure. So when he finally joined me in the room, and when I finally stopped talking about these PURE OILS, he just couldn’t stop laughing (and the head of UCMC Gastro Clinic was also in the room, as I was a very strange and Unique “Customer” with Strange and Unique Illnesses) was also laughing.  I apparently just made his month, and possibly his year.  How fast I was feeling better and was happy that I took charge of my own body, and decided what was best for me.  I was also angry that I had only gained 3 pounds back, so me with colour and getting a little more “passionate” about myself, it was kind of funny!

That feeling of “accomplishment” only furthered my Excitement and Passion for Young Living Essential Oils.  
I will always have these issues that I have to keep under control, and battle those emotional demons, but I finally have the proper tools, education and an Amazing Life Coach who has replaced every single “shrink” I had!  I have the amazing, passionate support from the right people within YL, and it has brought me friendships I’ll have forever.  YOU CAN TOO!
And they have even help my furry friends, and with our non-toxin cleaners, more ucky smells in going into your body! 

I have to share this wonderful knowledge, as this has been a 25 year struggle in my 37 years! I can't wait to see you in one of my workshops! 

Please let me know if you have any questions!!! 

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